More and more people, especially in modern business worlds, are looking for companionship and support when there is a need for clarification, improvement and change, both in their professional and private lives. In addition, there is often a desire for time out, small oases of well-being that can be easily integrated into everyday life, best when shared with others. It is about taking a deep breath, drawing strength and a good, coherent feeling for life.

I combine neuro-linguistic, systemic and creativity-oriented methods to create an understanding and effective counselling and well-being concept. In line with my original professional background as an architect, my initial range of activities related to building planners. Now my services are also open to interested people from other fields, whom I warmly welcome.

Due to my professional multiple training in the field of coaching, my clients benefit from a diverse and unique set of methods due to my professional multiple training in coaching, as well as, until the sale, my many years of self-employment predominantly as a creative director and in the top management of the renowned bigger construction planning office PfeiferINTERPLAN.

Due to my extensive experience abroad, especially in the Middle East, I also offer my services internationally and in English.

As part of the quality assurance of my services I regularly take part in training programmes. I am a member of the Chamber of Architects in Hesse, the Federation of Consulting Engineers, the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct) as well as other professional networks.


I support my clients in defining an process of self-identification and positioning in their professional world and establishing organisational structures as well as ways of communicating, learning and working, e.g. in the construction planning office.
My coaching activities help the constant flux be accepted in the organisation as a continuous learning process and, in short-duration consultation sessions, guide it through significant processes of change. At the same time, employees develop an awareness to perceive the skills and requirements of others, to learn from and with each other, to increase personal skills and interconnect with each other.

As a coach I do not offer prefabricated remedies but allow my clients to define their own goals and find their own way to a solution. It is self-evident that it has to do with the sustainable development of long-term personal skills.

I offer coaching and counselling for

  • People who would like to reach a good balance within themselves and their needs, in their private and/or professional lives
  • People who would like to gain charisma
  • The self-employed or those who wish to become it
  • Executives in planning and management
  • Employees at all levels of hierarchy in planning and management
  • Teams
  • Occupational entrants, novices and re-entrants
  • Career driven people
  • Companies that want to initiate a change process or are in the middle of one, especially when it comes to
    company takeovers/transfers.

Assessment of one’s professional and private stand, shaping of one’s roles, planning one’s career and development of one’s professional skills are important issues.

My coaching activities can, on the one hand, be understood as a purely professional service, but on the other hand also as holistic support for people who find themselves in challenging personal and professional conditions.


People who have gone through a process of being coached profit in multiple and various ways:

  • They live more deliberately
  • They know their own abilities and needs
  • They can access their resources and vitality
  • They are empathic in dealing with others
  • They treat themselves and others with esteem
  • They are able to lead a self-determined life
  • They possess a sense of direction and clarity
  • They recognise alternatives and make deliberate decisions
  • They are creative in many areas of their lives
  • They set themselves goals and reach them
  • They make their dreams come true
  • They are successful
  • They are confident

Services Modules

Coaching and counselling can be meaningful and useful for many issues, both in a personal and professional context.

Examples of such could include the following:

Creating and implementing personal development processes

  • Development of new perspectives in life and profession: What is the outlook, privately and occupationally
  • Where am I in my organisation – personal and system-specific self-assessment
  • Evolving new occupational and personal perpectives: What is the outlook, occupationally and private
  • Role counselling – e.g. when taking on a new leading position
  • Guidance and support in a new assignment
  • Acquiring new skills

Creating and implementing a good work/life balance

  • A question of life-style and of the right balance in various facets of life
  • Understanding and solving problems at work
  • Resilience training
  • Learning and practicing new behaviour patterns and social skills

Creating and implementing new team structures

  • Team analysis – team development – team counselling
    (also in a multicultural context)
  • Where am I within my team, what does the team think of me?
  • Support in mobilising motivation
  • Support in recognising and mobilising potential
  • Implementing mutual performance requirements

Creating and implementing organisation-related development processes

  • Managing changes and transformation, e.g. restructuring of office organisation

Methods Skills

The methodology and methods within the process of coaching and counselling are directed towards my clients’ requirements as well as the definition of the desired goals.

I offer the following possibilities:

One-to-one session

Team session

Team workshops

Stays in the studio for expressive art
for an individual or in groups (max. 5 people)

Meetings take place in the writing studio with guidance in creative and therapeutical texting
for an individual or in groups (max. 8 people)


Equipped with the skills of a multiple way of working, both multi-perspective and flexible, I offer proven and appropriate instruments with the help of which answers can be found to the manifold challenges of the complex reality of life, in the private and professional world. The focus is always on my clients, as people with their own life stories.

Empathy, the perception of needs, appreciation and attentiveness I rate as the basis of successful cooperation.

I work with the following, often complementary tools:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is held to be the most important concept for communication and change. Not for nothing one talks of the magic of language which is capable of enchanting us in the most positive sense and plunging us into despair in the most negative. The “programming” describes the interaction between the brain (neuro) and language (linguistic).

The systemic approach views problems as happenings in which various interacting people are involved. Interference and events are therefore regarded in a social context. Systemic thinking has opened up broad areas of activity from family surroundings to organisational development.

Special formats, e.g. integral-agile transformation design for companies and teams

Work with creative media
Stays in the studio for expressive art
Meetings in the writing studio with guidance in creative and therapeutic texting.

Creative activity often opens up new ways of getting in touch with oneself. It is not uncommon that my clients gain experiences that have a positive influence on everyday life and initiate a sound processes of change.

Mein Methodenangebot enthält nur Methoden, für die ich eine fundierte Fachausbildung an einem akkreditieren Institut, z.B. eine vom Land Hessen, Weiterbildung Hessen e.V., geprüfte Weiterbildungseinrichtung, erfolgreich absolviert habe.

With my membership in the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct) I have committed myself to the ethical principles of this association:


The respective duration of the sessions, workshops, studio stays (painting) and studio meetings (texting) as well as the total duration of the coaching and counselling sessions can be agreed individually. A complementary combination of the different sessions is possible, gladly also once the course has commenced.

Of course, I can offer the studio stays (painting) and the studio meetings (texting) as open courses and events independent of an ongoing coaching process. Check my calendar of events with its interesting suggestions.

Open courses and events, insofar as they are on offer, can be found here.


Team coaching
Active learning

Teams are widespread both in private and in business. If they function impeccably they have a positive influence on the overall performance and economic success of an organisation.

Team members can rely on each other. They pull together and have a common understanding of what is important and what is not. They have developed a culture of joint decision-making, brainstorming and problem-solving. They work efficiently. Energies are bundled to tackle common challenges and goals rather than wasted on internal conflicts and ambiguities.


But teams can also work inefficiently, with group members causing friction due to personal desires for power, influence and self-expression coming to the fore. Teams can suffer from sluggishness, excessive striving for harmony, conservatism, diffusion of responsibility (no one is really responsible for anything), different working speeds and different styles of thinking. Often a latently aggressive way of dealing with each other starts to develop.

I am happy to identify strategies with my clients in order that their teams can develop their full potential and generate real growth and avoid or overcome crises caused by team dynamics.

Because well-performing, motivated teams interested in achieving outstanding results are indisputably one of the key factors for personal and corporate success.

TEAM – Together Everybody Achieves More


for companytakeovers and transfers

Wooden gears assembled by several people that mesh with each other.

The purchase of an existing company is signed and sealed and now, with day X, the integration into one’s own company is the next step.

While in the months and weeks before the selection, the commitment between the “new” and “old” owners, the first mutual acquaintance of the future colleagues with each other, the assessment and evaluation of the extended range of services, the evaluation of the economic key figures and the first insight into the foreign organisational conditions were on the agenda, now it is about coping with drastic changes for both companies, the one taking over and the one being handed over.

In the past, this important aspect, namely the professional integration, the strategically planned merger of two companies, especially taking into account the respective corporate cultures in the overall package of the company takeover/transfer, was far too often neglected and its importance as a separate project was not recognised.

Today we know that such serious change processes, if they are not conceptually and systematically managed from the beginning, mean excessive challenges for the former and new management as well as for all employees of both companies on all hierarchical levels, avoidable strain and uncertainties in the daily work, which ultimately have a influence on the further success or non-success.

It is worth mentioning that for younger employees, the corporate culture that suits them is not an additional factor, but increasingly a main decision-making feature in their considerations when choosing a job or staying in a company.
This means that organisational and human resource development, the way people interact with each other, also in the course of the change process, has an enormously important significance.

Even though managers have a lot of experience in the field of change management, they are often deeply involved in their daily tasks, so that even if they wanted to, they have little time for careful planning and implementation of regulated change measures.

With my own experience and knowledge of such matters, I therefore see my task as a coach and management consultant to help acquiring companies as a change agent to master the challenges of a company takeover/transfer as smoothly as possible and to support the employees in many ways.

With my expertise, I ensure that the entire change process can be managed in a planned and professional manner, that it is manageable, goal-oriented and easy to cope with.


Change Mangagement: Team, Strategy, Plan, Improve, Engage, Execute, Measure, Success

My areas of work and services:

  • all important personnel issues, from the formation of new internal networks, new working groups and teams to role allocation and role design
  • Defining goals and time frames
  • Integration of new, added departments
  • Rapid generation of synergy effects
  • Implementing painful cuts if necessary
  • Drawing visions for the future
  • Transfer of values and implementation of a possible new corporate culture
  • Answering questions, taking fears and concerns seriously and responding appropriately
  • Communication design, e.g. drawing up communication plans as a communication strategy, in theinterior and exterior
  • Adapting and optimising image and customer care
  • Evaluating marketing and public relations activities
  • Adopting best practices from both companies
  • Monitoring of achievements

It would be a pleasure for me to be your advisor, sparring partner, protagonist as well as a source of impulses for necessary measures, e.g. individual discussions, workshops, trainings and sounding boards.The scope of my services can be agreed individually, also in different or several stages.

I work with recognised, professional modern methods and tools adapted to the respective needs, e.g. on the basis of integral-agile transformation design. I like to illustrate processes on the basis of the group phase model according to Tuckman and use change status concepts such as “The Valley of Tears according to Kübler-Ross”, the 8-step model by Kotter, or the ADKAR® model by Prosci®.

To give a first insight into my work, ADKAR® means:
Awareness: the awareness of the need for change.
Desire: The desire to participate in and support the change.
Knowledge: The necessary knowledge of how the change should be approached and realised.
Ability: The skills, abilities and behaviours required.
Reinforcement: The anchoring to give sustainability to the changes.

Each company involved in a merger has its own story, namely where it comes from and what has brought it to this point, the present. In its entirety, regardless of the accounting valuation, this is usually a significant treasure that is worth taking a closer look at with appreciation. A company’s yesterday defines who and what it is today and where it can develop tomorrow, with its full potential.

If you would like more information, I am available at any time for a non-binding, personal exchange. You will find my contact details in the “Contact” tab.


Artist’s studio expressive painting

The stays in the studio for expressive painting are not part of a course to learn painting techniques, nor do they provide instructions to produce art. Nevertheless, the joy of artistic activity plays an essential role! It is in many ways about accepting an invitation to personal discovery. Who can openly engage in intuitive painting, may namely hope for new (self-)insights.

This approach generates a conniving and supportive setting that enables the painters to “recover their inner resources” intuitively and freely, without judgement or influence, and to encounter them in artistic actions.

Autonomous creative work often forms an important contribution to a continual process of self-exploration.

As coach and escort I support the painter in preserving their inward framework and focus, dive deep into their personality and, after the completion of their painting, integrate the experience gained in painting into their consciousness.

The paintings will neither be analysed nor interpreted nor judged by their artistic value. Artistic knowledge is not a prerequisite.
The whole value of the painting rests with the painter.


Guidelines for a stay in the painting studio

  • There are no good or bad paintings
  • Nothing will be classed as wrong
  • No one will judge the paintings
  • No one will interpret the paintings
  • No one will pressurise
  • In this place everyone will find their own rhythm
  • Relaxation is welcome
  • Everyone takes on responsibility for their own painting
  • There is enough time to make your own decisions
  • You may paint your special paintings
  • Everyone will be taken seriously
  • Everyone will be supported
  • No one will be left on their own
  • We will all respect each other
  • In the studio we act as a group and you are part of it
  • The studio is a sheltered room, a place you can count on where everyone is safe

Writer’s Studio
Creative and therapeutic texting

Meetings in the writing studio with instructions on creative and therapeutic texting are an ideal option when it is a matter of organising feelings and thoughts and putting them into words which can allow hidden creative potential to be discovered which, when invigorated, can be of great benefit to further personality development. With a self-created text a concrete result has been spawned that can be read, revised and continued as often as one likes, any place, any time.

Experiencing one’s own creativity, as well as the knowledge that one gains whilst writing, help you enter into a state of mindful self-awareness. This is a decisive milestone on the way to a reorientation and relativisation of one’s own thoughts, ideas and views. Sometimes the insights gained help resolve conflicts in one’s life story.

No special literary skills are required.
With a wide range of writing exercises, my clients receive valuable support for an affectionate approach to their own person and to their surroundings!


Consulting Process

In a first confidential and informal talk I can gladly answer all of your initial questions free of charge.

Insofar as you opt for a comprehensive coaching and counselling process, you can expect, as a rule, four consecutive phases of varying duration and intensity:

  1. Getting to know each other personally
  2. Thorough contractual clarification with discussion on concerns and the definition of goals, signing of contract between me as coach, and client
  3. Implementation phase as the active process of achieving the goals where new topics may surface
  4. Review and reflection, explanation of the accomplished and the outcomes as well as a hypothetical view into the future

Remuneration is dependent on the total extent and individual wishes of the clients for their individual coaching and counselling units.


Events calendar

Currently, no seminars are offered in English. However, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to send an email with your request. You can find the German-language offer in the German part of this website.




UtePfeifer  Coaching  Workshops
Management Consulting

Litschgistrasse 8 (Mill’s nest)
79189 Bad Krozingen / Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 7633 8064457
Mobile: +49 (0) 171 1757084

Pestalozzistrasse 3
64625 Bensheim / Germany
Mobile: +49 (0) 171 1757084

Ute Pfeifer

  • Qualified Architect (AKH)
  • Certified Coach (dvct)
  • Certified project manager
  • Certified systemic NLP coach, team coach also intercultural teams
  • Certified art studio manager for expressive painting
  • Certified poetry coach for creative and therapeutic writing

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